torsdag den 5. juni 2008

Ny udfordring......New Challenge

Du kan se alle dukkerne her på Izannah Walker Chronicles

You can watch all the doll here on Izannah Walker Chronicles
Itty Bitty BETTY

Denne dukke er kun 7" - 18 cm høj og har taget MANGE timer at lave.

Hendes krop og skulderhoved er udført på den korrekte "Izannah Walker måde " incl. påsatte tommelfingre.

Hendes tøj kan tages af, og hun har også en lille bitte trædukke med bevægelige led.


This doll is only 7" - 18cm tall and has taken MANY hours to make.

Her body and Shoulderhead are made in the right " Izannah Walker way " incl. applied thumbs. Her clothes are removable and she also has a tiny wooden doll with movable joints.


12 kommentarer:

craftswithcare sagde ...

Lone, your Itty Bitty Betty is awesome!! I love her name too:)!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Mithua - good to see you here !
hugs Lone

Atticbabys sagde ...

OMG LOne I must have her! So itty and yet sooo perfect . The clothes are removable!!!!?????
Great great job sweety!!!
:-) Nan

Lone Pierette sagde ...

AWWW Nan - thanks - can´t wait to see your doll !!
hugs Lone

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives sagde ...

she is lovely!

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thank you so much Blondie !
hugs Lone

old world primitives sagde ...

Itty Bitty Betty is so precious! You did a great job with her - and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to create a doll so tiny and perfect!

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Steph. - you are always so sweet !
hugs Lone

Dixie Redmond sagde ...

Lone - I see those little applied thumbs and those tiny painted boot-laces. You are amazing.

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Dixie - your doll is quite amazing too !!!
Hugs Lone

Nina sagde ...


Your Itty Bitty Izzy is astounding! I can't believe you achieved such detail at that size! I could barely get the face painted on mine!! At first, I thought the bigger doll was normal sized and her doll was your Itty Bitty. When I realized that she WAS the Itty Bitty and her doll is even tinier, well, what can I say! Wonderful work. I'm very impressed!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Nina - thanks a lot , it means a lot coming from you ! I think your doll is amazing !
hugs Lone