onsdag den 25. juni 2008

Noget helt andet.....Something quite different

Jeg har lige lavet Skipper Skræk , som skal til min søsters butik, hvor Olivia venter på ham .
Ikke lige dén slags dukke , jeg normalt laver.

I just made Popeye , who is going to my sister´s shop where Olive Oyl is waiting for him.
Not quite the sort of doll I normally make.

He´s strong to the finish
`cause he still eats his spinach
He´s Popeye The Sailor Man
Yas, `at´s so !

14 kommentarer:

Cookie sagde ...

Lone... what an adorable fella! I love your popeye to pieces :)


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Cookie - you´re always so sweet !
hugs Lone

Dixie Redmond sagde ...

You did such a great job on him!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks a lot Dixie !
hugs Lone

Atticbabys sagde ...

You can even make Popeye look handsome Lone!!
Lucky Olive! :-)
Great job!

helle - pirettehuset.dk sagde ...

Kom Skipper, kom!!!
Hilsen Olive

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Nan , means a lot coming from you !!
hugs Lone

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Hvornår skal vi komme ???

Deanna Hogan sagde ...

You did a wonderful job with Popeye. Olive Oyl will love him. Did you make Olive, too, and is there a photo somewhere?


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks a lot Deanna , yes I did OliveOyl a long time ago , sorry no picture !
hugs Lone

craftswithcare sagde ...

WOW Lone!! Popeye is just the cutest little fella I have ever seen!
I must say Olive Oyl is a lucky girl!!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Hi Mithua , thanks , yes but she is a hot sexy thing herself !
hugs Lone

Anonym sagde ...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills

Anonym sagde ...

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