lørdag den 31. maj 2008

Kan du lide mig ? .....Do you like me ?

Kan du lide min nye dukke ? Hun er lavet efter et mønster af Deanna Hogan og bliver forhåbentlig til en " Alabama Baby " ???
Do you like my new doll ? She is made after a pattern by Deanna Hogan and will hopefully end up as an " Alabama Baby " ???

2 kommentarer:

craftswithcare sagde ...

Yes I absolutely like you and also your maker ;)! I can see you are going to be a sweet girl.

Great job Lone! Can't wait to see the face painted!


P.S. I have the same pattern from Deanna and also her Averill. Just not getting the time to try them out.

Lone Pierette sagde ...

hi Mithua - good to see you here, you have been so busy lately !
hugs Lone