mandag den 11. februar 2008

Rødhætte ( måske ) ............. Little Red Riding Hood ( maybe )

Min nyeste dukke er lavet til hele to gruppe udfordringer efter Ike Putneys kropsmønster. Hun skal måske blive til Rødhætte , hvis jeg kan sy en kappe , nu må vi se !
My newest doll is made for two Group challenges using Ike Putney´s bodypattern. Maybe she will become Little Red Riding Hood , if I manage to make her a cape , we will see about that !

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Cookie sagde ...

She is so beautiful I could just cry! She honestly took my breath away - I would never ever be able to give up a creation as gorgeous as this LRR.
Is she going up on Ebay? oh be still my heart!

Words just dont describe her adequately....

Lone pierette sagde ...

Cookie - you are always the best - please visit every day and flatter me like this ! I don´t know about Ebay yet.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives sagde ...

Hi Lone,
Thanks for stopping by the blog; I see you in CWT but can't get posted. Oh well; yes, I do have Danish heritage; infact have been trying to do more geneology on that! My grandfather was born in Danmark; his father was an artist, well acquainted with the King at that time.
Love your RR! Your work is always lovelier than most!
Warm regards,

Lone pierette sagde ...

Hi Blondie. I thought I remember you were partly Danish - that is a very good thing ! Thanks for liking my dolls !


Dixie Redmond sagde ...

Oh, Lone - she is wonderful. I love the faces on your dolls.

And seeing your picture and Blondie's together is astounding. You look alike!

Lone pierette sagde ...

Thanks Dixie.

Well - it must be the Danish blood ! From the wikings !!!

Jo James sagde ...

Ooooh, I love her already! With a red hood she will be much too irresistable, and will most likely run away to live with me forever.
Beautiful, beautiful work!


Lone pierette sagde ...

Joee - you are too kind - When I look at your dolls I want all of them - ( if I could afford them !)