torsdag den 14. februar 2008

Er hun ikke dejlig ?.....Isn´t she lovely ?

Denne dukke er min nyerhvervelse, jeg tror ikke, hun skal have tøj på ! Hun er kun 18 cm høj.
( det er ikke derfor , hun ikke får tøj )
This doll is my newest purchase, I don´t think I will dress her ! She is only 7" tall . ( that´s not why she isn´t going to be dressed )
Ikke til salg....Not for sale

6 kommentarer:

Atticbabys sagde ...

What a lovely little china head doll Lone!
And your dolly in previous post is beautiful! SHe would make a perfect Little Red...please make her a cape????
:-) Nan

Lone pierette sagde ...

Hi Nan , thanks for visiting and liking my dolls - you know how much I admire your dolls !!!

Plain-n-Simple! sagde ...

Oh Lone, What a wonderful purchase, a new china head, I love the prints on her!!!!!!
Lovely Doll in the previous post also!!!! WOW!!!


Lone pierette sagde ...

Hello jackie - so glad you are here and liking my dolls !
I´m visiting your Nellie every day

Sylvia Anderson sagde ...

She's beautiful, and I like her just the way she is too! :)

Lone pierette sagde ...

Thanks a lot Sylvia !