fredag den 3. oktober 2008

Coffee with Tea Group Challenge Oct. 5

Coffee with Tea Group blog Look at all the dolls here !

Min Ebay gruppe Coffee with Tea ( CWT06 ) har en ny udfordring . Vi skal lave en såkaldt "burdukke" ( jeg ved ikke, hvad vi kalder den på dansk ?) De antikke var mest religiøse skulpturer - især madonnaer - iklædt meget overdådigt tøj med masser af guldborter. De fleste, der ses i dag , har dog ikke noget tilbage af denne overdådighed , men står som det, vi kalder burdukker. Dette er så mit bud på en sådan dukke. Hun er 47 cm / 19" høj. Solgt


My Ebay Group Coffee with Tea ( CWT06) has a new challenge. We are making Cage Dolls !! The antique ones were made as religious figures - mostly Madonnas - wearing very luxurious clothing with a lot of gold. Most of those seen today don´t have anything left of these outfits but stand as what we call a Cage Doll . This is my version a such a doll . She stands 47 cm/ 19" tall. Sold

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Plain-n-Simple! sagde ...

She is absolutely wonderful!!!! Brilliant infact!!! Mine wont be ready as i have been working way too many overtime ours...hehe i smashed my right thumb and and my left toenail...dont ask...Its just plain craziness...but i LOVE your cage doll, and wanted to post and tell ya what a lovely job you have done!!!
Many Hugs,

Simone's Mor sagde ...

Helt fint.. jeg bliver helt nostalgisk af sådan en dukke.

jojo sagde ...

SHE is magnificient!You are can make any type of doll and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I think you need to make a JOJO
jojo :)

Lone Pierette sagde ...

thanks a lot all 3 of you ! Ohh poor Jackie hope you will feel better soon ! A Jojo doll - welllll I have to think about that for a while ! ( is it our next challenge ?)
hugs Lone

craftswithcare sagde ...

Lone, she is amazing!! Your work is beyond perfect!!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

thanks sweet Mithua !
hugs Lone

Atticbabys sagde ...

Someone stole her from me!!!
She is/was amazing Lone, as all
your dolls are!
Congrats on the sale. Lucky buyer!!!

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks a lot Nan , that means a lot to me !
hugs Lone

old world primitives sagde ...

Lone, your cage doll is so pretty and unique! I can see why she sold so quickly. :)

Lone Pierette sagde ...

thanks Stephanie !!!
hugs Lone