onsdag den 16. april 2008

Fremgang - måske.....Progress - maybe

Hvem sagde, at lille var lettere at lave ??? Jeg kan fortælle, det er det IKKE !!

Min Itty BETTY bliver ca. 6.5/7 " 17/18 cm , hun er modelleret på stof og beklædt med trikot stof , som de antikke Izannah Walker var, derefter malet med olie.


Who said smaller is easyer to do ???? I can tell it is NOT !!

My Itty BETTY is going to be aprox. 6.5/7" 17/18 cm, she is sculpted on fabric and covered with stockinette , like the antique Izannah Walkers and oilpainted.

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craftswithcare sagde ...

Hi there! Yes I am awake! Working on a dolly!

Lone, your little Izzy is the sweetest Izzy I have seen so far. Wow, you did a great job! I think I might bid on her:)! I love all your creations!
You know I have a custom order for a 6 inch Izannah doll. The smaller the sizes are the more intimidating they are for me....Boy am I scared to start it!!

Hugs and have a great day!

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Hi Mithua - it is always so good to see you here - you are just the sweetest !
hugs Lone

Dixie Redmond sagde ...

Wow, Lone - she has such a homey feel. It's inspiring to me. :-) I'm finishing an 11 inch Izzy and I don't know how I'll do the smaller size!

old world primitives sagde ...

I agree that smaller often means more difficult! Your Betty looks simply amazing.

Plain-n-Simple! sagde ...

Oh Lone!!!! She is LOVELY!!!!!! To say the least!!!! Honest to goodness!!!! The smaller scale, i agree, is hard!!! I went to visit your blog from my blog, LOW and BEHOLD, I thought i had added you, I swear its early 'oldtimers' disease Hehe!!!!
Way to go Lone!!!!


Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks to all of you
Steph - thanks a lot
Dix - you know you can do it !
J-O - I know about that disease - I have it too !!!

hugs Lone

Flora sagde ...

I thought the same thing about smaller being easier, WRONG!!!!!hahaha!!!!
Your wee one is very lovely!

Nancy Lee Malay sagde ...

What a sweet, sweet face! I love all of your dolls, but this little one is very special....I'll agree with you, smaller is sometimes MORE work!


Lana sagde ...

Lone ~ you always do remarkable dolls. I look forward to seeing this one finished.

Lone Pierette sagde ...

Thanks Flora ,Nancy and Lana

it means a lot coming from such talented girls like you !

hugs Lone