fredag den 14. marts 2008

NYT ......NEW

Klik .. ~*~HER~*~ .. for at se nogle af mine dukker til salg på Etsy
Click .. ~*~HERE~*~ .. to see some of my dolls for sale on Etsy

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craftswithcare sagde ...

Fabulous dolls Lone! I love them both!!


craftswithcare sagde ...

Hi Lone,

I just bought Margrethe!! She is beautiful!! I couldn't wait till next month to buy her...Didn't want anyone else to own her:)!!

Looking forward to receiving her!! My naughty dollies are all ready to learn Danish from Margrethe.
I love her name too!!


Lone pierette sagde ...

Thank you soo much Mithua - she will love it at your house !

hugs Lone

( Margrethe is the name of our Queen )

Flora sagde ...

As usual all your work is gorgeous!
I dropped by to say that I've tagged you, please come visit me for the rules.

Lone Pierette sagde ...

thanks Flora - will hurry!!